Wallet and Planner Setup: Filofax Personal Zipped Compact Malden

I wanted to do a setup post to chronicle what I’ve done at this point in my life. Where I need to simplify and carry less stuff. Thus, with that mindset, I started using a wallet/planner combo with my Filofax Pocket Holborn. And this time, I’ll be using a Filofax Personal Zipped Compact Malden asRead more

9 Productivity Habits

I have been struggling with checking things off the list. Simple reason? I’m easily distracted! Just a little peek at that notification ding. Just a quick search on google. What are my friends up to in Instagram? And then, the quick checking adds up to 2 hours lost when I could be doing something productive.Read more

Introducing Dk. ‘Aqilah Huraiya

Our second child, We have waited so long for you, when we longed to have a second child but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage. How happy we were when you came along after that.. our sunshine after the darkness. You were conceived during the fasting month, in a holy month, how blessed we feltRead more