Introducing Dk. ‘Aqilah Huraiya


Our second child,

We have waited so long for you, when we longed to have a second child but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage. How happy we were when you came along after that.. our sunshine after the darkness.

You were conceived during the fasting month, in a holy month, how blessed we felt then. (I even contemplated inserting Ramadhan somewhere in your name..). Truth be told, I read so many online forums regarding “gender swaying” before conceiving you, hoping for a girl this time. At 20 week ultrasound, when you can usually see the gender, it so happened that your position was hard to determine the gender, so we just left it unknown, another surprise just like your brother was.

Being pregnant with you was a breeze. I had no morning sickness, but maybe I was quite a picky eater with you. I preferred outside food rather than home cooked food, which felt rather bland to me. I drank coffee every morning, something I didn’t do with your brother. I was just so sleepy and needed the caffeine boost! I had no swollen feet and only slightly swollen fingers. Despite frequently waking up during the night to feed your brother, alhamdulillah I had no high BP, nor low BP. I am forever grateful for these blessings, Ya Allah.

Now for your birth story. (TMI, just be warned :P)


43/365 Taurean Again


Lunch with girlfriends this time! :) Thanks for the company ladies and its always great to catch up.

Surprisingly Gadong area was quite deserted at lunch, I was pleasantly surprised XD Today was my last day at IPA Course and traffic all around has been good to me. First and second day was bad traffic everywhere! I’m not used to it – being used to travelling Muara-Kota Batu with zero drama – not a single traffic light!

42/365 Udon Love


Day 2 of my IPA Course, had lunch by my lonesome at Taurean Cafe. It was my first time and I was pleasantly surprised with the availability of the Japanese Udon dish. I would expect it at a japanese restaurant, yes but not at a cafe.

Japanese Udon is one of my favourite noodle in the world! And it was nicely done :) Yummy!

41/365 Back to Reality


Today’s photo was another one from yesterday (yeah I cheated!) as I was too preoccupied to take a photo – my short leave ended and I start work. Fortunately I had a course at Institut Perkhidmatan Awam (IPA) – the local institute for training the public sector. It was an interesting topic! Tools and Techniques for Generating Ideas.

I got home dead tired on my feet though!

40/365 House on Stilts


Living on a house on stilts by the river – I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love the sounds of the waves, the cool river night air, the beautiful view of sunrise.

It may be hot and almost sauna-like during noon, and your car is a walk on the bridge away – should you ever forget something in the car or carry groceries/stuff, but they don’t really bother once you get used to it ;)