Happy 3rd Anniversary, sayang.

Lisa Qadir Nikah

16 September 2011, after Solemnization Ceremony

Its our 3rd Anniversary today. I look back at our Solemnization photos and remembered how I felt that day: a little nervous, anxious but mostly excited to start this new chapter with you.

Am I nervous now? No, I’m not. Anxious? Maybe for the little things. Excited? Of course! I’m looking forward to many more years of us, of you and me, of our children growing and maybe new additions in the future.

I know how I can depend on you, on anything (except maybe shopping trips – I think I prefer doing it alone.. ha ha!). Everyday is an adventure and I know we can handle anything if we work as a team.

I don’t say it often but I do hope you know it. You’re the best husband I could ask for, the best father to our children and I wanted you to know that I love you from the bottom of my bum (because its bigger than my heart hehe).

xoxo, lisa

How we named Aqilah


Yes, this is an actual photo of Aqilah at 2 months old (as of 4th of May).

The story of how we named Aqilah was a long one. We took 2 weeks, the whole time limit given before you MUST register your baby’s name. Bear in mind, we didn’t know her gender at the time, and she did come earlier than expected! (plus the misadventures of her getting admitted to SCBU made us lose focus with deciding her name.)

When I was still pregnant with her, I had a short list of names, since I wanted to following the same naming conventions as big brother Irfan’s. Since he was Areeq Irfan – with the letters A and I, I wanted to name our second child with A and I as well.

It didn’t happen, to say the least.

Here was my name list, with Q’s additions as well:

  • Aina Huraiyah
  • Aina Imanina
  • Aina Irdina
  • Alya Haziqah
  • Arinah Huraiyah
  • Aina Aqilah
  • Nurain Faiqah

There was a lot of Aina’s, because that was the name I was set on giving – but when she got admitted to SCBU, I wondered if its better to give her a name that promotes health / robustness, as “Ain” means Eyes in Arabic. While after some browsing, “Aqilah” means Smart/Robust in Arabic.

Huraiyah, on the other hand was Q’s choice and it meant, literally, “angel”. And I believed she is one, my blessed angel after my miscarriage.

Some spellings were changed and I contemplated playing with “Aqilah” spelling to “Aqeelah” or “Aqeela” but I liked the conventional spelling, however “Huraiyah” was shortened to just “Huraiya”.

Thus the name Aqilah Huraiya – which become the letters A and H instead of my initial plan of A and I. Maybe we could just wing it with naming the next baby too – haha!

Love to hear how you guys named your babies and their meanings too!

Lovely You


Its rare to snap photos of you awake, but I’m glad I caught this one. What are you thinking about, little one? The adventures you’ll go, the things you’ll learn .. I hope they’ll fulfill you, test you and make you a better person.

All I ask is you remember me.

Love, mummy.

2 Months


Its 4th of May today and Aqilah turns 2 months old! Wow. How time flies. This isn’t her 2-month photo as I’ve yet to take a photo of her today.

You’ve grown so much, my baby. From a tiny premature baby to a 4 kg one, I am sad yet incredibly happy you’re growing bigger.

Introducing Dk. ‘Aqilah Huraiya


Our second child,

We have waited so long for you, when we longed to have a second child but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage. How happy we were when you came along after that.. our sunshine after the darkness.

You were conceived during the fasting month, in a holy month, how blessed we felt then. (I even contemplated inserting Ramadhan somewhere in your name..). Truth be told, I read so many online forums regarding “gender swaying” before conceiving you, hoping for a girl this time. At 20 week ultrasound, when you can usually see the gender, it so happened that your position was hard to determine the gender, so we just left it unknown, another surprise just like your brother was.

Being pregnant with you was a breeze. I had no morning sickness, but maybe I was quite a picky eater with you. I preferred outside food rather than home cooked food, which felt rather bland to me. I drank coffee every morning, something I didn’t do with your brother. I was just so sleepy and needed the caffeine boost! I had no swollen feet and only slightly swollen fingers. Despite frequently waking up during the night to feed your brother, alhamdulillah I had no high BP, nor low BP. I am forever grateful for these blessings, Ya Allah.

Now for your birth story. (TMI, just be warned :P)