A moment where I fell in love with you again

This was an entry I posted in a wordpress.com blog made sometime in April 2012.

So last night as I was driving us for grocery and errands, I asked you about a songname and started humming it. It was an old song, and a rock song at that so of course you knew it immediately.


At that time, I stepped out to the ATM to get some cash, and when I came back you were trying to hide your phone and turned up the volume of the radio. Lo and Behold, it was the very song I was asking about. So sweet and a lovely surprise.

You told me, you requested the song from the DJ and it came on. I was so dubious because I could see the FM Transmitter thingy but you started laughing and told me to say “wow!! cool!”… so laughing, I did it anyway.

I love you. 🙂

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