Cloth Diaper

Photos of infant Irfan in newborn size cloth diaper and m size all in one cloth diaper. And the bottom ones are one of incoming one size pocket diaper we will be trying soon

Irfan is a heavy night wetter that both of us have to check him every 3 hours to ensure that his diaper isn’t leaking. Although a few times, we’ve had to change his pajama pants. Oops!

In fact, he’s going through diapers so much that we go shopping for his diapers and formula every week (compared to just every fortnight before!). I think we need to start cloth diapering again. A few items I was aiming for:

  • Saving of $34 per week (that’s what 2 packs of Mamypoko 38 Large size diapers costs)
  • Helping the earth by being green and avoid landfills caused by disposables
  • Avoiding the chemicals used in disposables

However cloth diapering comes with its own headaches like:

  • Laundry
  • What if we need a diaper change while out?
  • Travelling options
  • The initial start up which could cost up to $200 for 10 diapers

Our history with cloth diapering started when I was still pregnant with Irfan, oh I was reading so much pregnancy and motherhood literature at the time to prepare me for just about anything (although I discovered, I barely scratched the surface and nothing can prepare anyone for motherhood except by experience!).

So on the topic of diapering, I decided to get a pack of 6 newborn cloth diapers off to try it out. Being the newbie that I was, I didn’t really know how to properly wash them and they met a leaky ending. Plus, newborns just needed so much diaper change that I wasn’t up to the task of … laundry (on top of confinement activities, and my main focus of breastfeeding). So back to disposables. Until now.

I bought a cloth diaper from the local Mothercare store to try, and this time, properly washing them and watching videos of how to put them on (which is way different from how you put a disposable on!).


This was the very first time I put it on. Messy, right? I must have done something wrong, I thought. Why isn’t mine looking as neat as others?!

Thanks to helpful mommy friends who also cloth diaper, it turns out that Irfan might be on a smaller setting and again, the proper method of pulling it snugly around the thighs to prevent leakage was the key to making the “wings” neater to snap down.


Much better and neater looking diaper on my next attempt, which just goes to show that the saying “Practice makes perfect” is so true 🙂

Armed with confidence, I am now waiting for some styles to try out from because there are so many options that Irfan and I need to work out, for both our convenience or just preference, actually!

AIO (All In One) Diaper: Just like a disposable, one piece diaper, no inserts. Just put it on and once its wet/dirty, take off and put in the laundry. Drying time is quite slow.

All in Two (Pocket Diapers): It has a pocket at the back that you can stuff the insert into. You can double the inserts at nighttime for heavy wetters. Its called an All-In-Two system as its in two parts, the diaper and the insert. This is to help speed up drying time. The diaper dries a lot faster and you can use another dry insert on hand while waiting for the used one to dry up 🙂

There are options here too such as:

  • Inserts stuffed
  • Inserts lay on top/snapped on

May affect how convenient it is for you to clean dirty diapers (eg: if pooped on!)

There are other options for convenience of travel, such as Charlie Banana’s brand, which offers a hybrid system where you can use disposable inserts in their diapers.

So in the end, I am now waiting for several styles, 2 pockets diapers with snaps, 1 with extra leg gussets (to try if it helps to prevent night time leakages), and 4 pocket diapers with velcro. was my choice instead of going for cloth diaper brands such as Charlie Banana, Grovia, BumGenius etc as I wanted the cute prints and option to customise! 🙂

As it is festive season it might take a while for the diapers to arrive, but I will definitely post a follow up entry on it next time 🙂 In the meantime, I’d love suggestions on other diaper options we could try!




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