13/365 Reunion

1. Reunion
a. The act of reuniting.
b. The state of being reunited.

2. A gathering of the members of a group who have been separated: a high school reunion.

It is also a name of a place!

An island in the Indian Ocean, in the Mascarene Islands: an overseas region of France, having been in French possession since 1642. A number of far-flung and uninhabited islands, some located on the opposite side of Madagascar, were also politically part of Réunion until 2007, when they were transferred to the French Southern and Antarctic Territories. Capital: Saint-Denis. Pop: 767 000 (2004 est). Area: 2510 sq km (970 sq miles)

Hello again my high school friends. We actually do keep in touch every now and then, I think I last met Nasroul a week or so ago during a toy event in Mabohai Complex and the others at least 2 months back? However, we kept constant touch via Whatsapp and occasionally Facebook and Instagram.

Our Mini Reunion was held at Coffeezone Kiulap around 7pm. We booked the sofa seating and it comfortably sat all that came. At first it was just the 3 girls – Raihanah, Salmiah, me and Akramin (my bday twinnie!). Then Fendy  came along and finally Leny, Hilma and Izyan the Chewbacca. Hee hee.

So much laughter and feeling like little kids again, the conversation was light and full of ribbing each other. I wish we could meet more often, too much to talk about in such a short time!

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