16/365 Bitten


I like to pretend its a vampire bite, but it was just a mundane reason. I had my blood drawn for a routine blood test at 28 weeks pregnant – though usually it doesn’t leave a mark afterwards. Only later, when I took off the bandage, I saw this, tiny tiny vampire bite marks.

And if my friends knew me AT ALL, they’d know I have a huge love for anything vampiric. Count my books, and my movies. Except for Twilight. *shudder* 😛

Can you imagine if it was true? A vampire lived in the clinic and visited me while I had my eyes closed for the needle jab and took an opportunity? The vampire must have been very happy, I was number 29 in the queue.. he probably had a total of 50 drinks on that day alone!

Oh well. Imagination and Dreams are free 😉 I hope people went through their day with a bit of imagination too.


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