17/365 Teal Toy


Teal is my new favourite colour and I shall declare this year to be the year of Teal goodness >__<

The first item to be covered in Teal is this new toy of mine, an iPad Mini. A while back I wanted a tablet of my own.

I did a comparison whether iPad is the way I wanted to go. Or would an Android tablet do the job better? This was my question: If I had an iPad, what would I use it for?

+ play games
+ internet stuff
+ download and edit images


– it can’t torrent (one of my favourite feature on Android)
– duplicate iPad (since Irfan has an old but still gold iPad 1)

Then with my latest hobby: Journaling – I was pondering the artistic use of an ipad, whether it was usable as a digital sketchpad even though it isn’t as sensitive as wacom tablets. After some research, it turned out that it was only good enough for basic doodles for non-artist like me – until I upgrade to a better artist and can use the tools with the expensive apps better, it’ll probably cost me upwards of $50 worth of apps to play with. Hmm.

In the end, I went with – let’s get one to play with, as I like the portable size, it can fit into my handbag and I can test apps, plus I need digital productivity apps that aren’t available from the Play Store 🙁 I posted a photo before – notebooks full of tabs to help me organize my thoughts into categories, but it isn’t working. I need an app that I can list things and then drag-drop and prioritize!

So here I am, 24 hours later, who does most of the testing? Yep, Irfan did. 😛 Haha.

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