18/365 Swirly


Late last year I was contemplating a new camera, a compact point-and-shoot with good enough aperture and zoom to be an all-rounder – family functions, travel, artsy bokeh pics and zooming on faraway objects. I saw the Panasonic Lumix LX7 with f1.4. And then the Samsung EX2F, also f1.4.

And then, fellow BFFs (that’s short for Brunei Forever Forum) poisoned me with Fujifilm X20 and Sony RX100 Mark II. OMG! “Helpful” they are.. in emptying my wallet! LOL.

So I decided, if I couldn’t have the best, I might just as well stick with what I have and upgrade the lenses. My Nikon D90 is at the moment.. sleeping. In other words, no.. I don’t want to lug that heavy equipment around. So my Olympus it is.

An article recommended that I get a mid-zoom, a portrait, maybe a macro and a pancake lens. But then… I already have the 14-42mm mid zoom lens and my 17mm f2.8 – however the Pana 20mm f1.4 is so very very tempting! <3 I guess I wasn’t really interested in these conventional lenses – I think the usual subjects I can do with the pancake lens – I mean that little pancake lens is forever mounted on my Olympus!.

So I did the next best thing – and wanting a collection of bokeh love photos – to concentrate on expanding my c-mount lens collection!

Plus, they’re much cheaper too ๐Ÿ˜‰

With the exception of that JML 50mm f0.95. But its better than the Noctilux 50mm f0.95 which cost upwards of $10,000. :'( But, f0.95 !!!!!!! *squeeal*

So, incoming were various lengths c-mount lenses since I already had a 25mm / 1 inch Taylor & Hobson f1.9, I opted for a 35mm f1.7, a 50mm f1.4 and a 75mm f1.9 costing around USD$30 for the cheapest and $120 for the 75mm.

Today, the 75mm arrived. At first I thought – loooonggg .. will it fit into my handbag? T__T; I tested.. no, too bulky. Anyway, bulk aside, the important thing is the outcome! Here we go, test shots in daylight, wide open at f1.9.


Crazy bokeh shapes.


Swirly bokeh.. just what I wanted hee hee.

20140118_090543 copy

ย And for a bonus photo. How the lens looks like mounted on Olympus Pen EP1, me taking a photo of flower, the resulting photo of flower and me compared with the camera setup.

The verdict? LOVE!!

This lens is sharp, even wide open! Colours are very vivid, and the distance is nice. Previously, with the 25mm I have to be upclose and if I’m taking a shot of someone’s face, that means I’m right up in their face! Haha annoying much. Which means the 50mm is still up in the face and so will the 35mm, oh well. For the sake of experimentation ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am looking for fellow micro 4/3rd users in Brunei.. I can’t be the only one. Anyone out there? *echo*

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