24/365 Just another Friday


.. or so I thought.

I’ve been drinking milk to boost my calcium, on top of that remember to take my iron tablets but after 2 hours of consuming any tea/coffee drinks. I think I’ve eaten something wrong somewhere but my Friday was anything but normal.

But life goes on though.

So, as the afternoon was for office’s bowling tournament, we had to think about a contingency plan if Irfan fell asleep before then, as I *did not* want to carry him around (we sold his stroller a long while back since it was way underused) and so, we decided to get a cheapie stroller to make do.

I went alone, as I knew bringing the husband and baby along would add another 30 mins to anything I planned, since it was a Friday, everything depends on shops closing at 12:00 noon.

By the time I was done and got back though, I was hit with nausea, chills and no, I did not want to get up and do anything. Irfan did fall asleep after I fed him and gave him a bottle while Husband was at the mosque.

Sigh. So we went home later with my mother fetching me (we slept over at Mentiri) as Husband would be at the tournament for the whole afternoon. I felt better after nap but my stomach was still making weird rumbling sounds. I am pretty sure I’m not lactose intolerant, so it must have been a cocktail of not enough food + iron tablets .. gah, the last time I was down with gastric was due to these darn iron tablets too!

Lesson learnt. Bye bye iron tablets.

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