8/365 The 20th Anniversary


Every 8 January, I wish my Maktab Sains schoolmates Happy Anniversary. I don’t remember what triggered it. Perhaps I came across our Yearbook and read an article about our first day of Orientation on that date. I certainly didn’t remember it in the beggining. Only in the last 5 years, maybe? Because I know I documented it in my attempt at Project 365 version 2009 and version 2010.

But correct me if I’m wrong, this year’s new Maktab Sains batch started on this date too. Maybe its a traditional date that Maktab Sains decided upon, anyhow I will always remember it (the date).

Of the actual day itself, I vaguely remember the huge dark hall, full of heavy maroon drapes. I remember listening to the impressive nasyid performed/lead by the twin ladies whose name starts with N and I .. natalie.. ivana..? (Wonder how they are doing now.) Maktab Sains was in the midst of moving then, and a week or so later we were at the new location in Rimba. Oh memories there.. so many!

Tho sometimes I may be TOO preoccupied in my own imaginary world. It doesn’t help the library held storybooks. Of Dragonlance Series! Which sparked off my collection of Dragonlance Chronicles. No, I don’t regret it though. But I did regret missing out on moments with friends when I was otherwise preoccupied reading and more reading.

If I were to turn back time, I wish I could work on my relationships with my friends more.

I truly truly appreciate having them as friends. My life would be different and a lot quieter without them! XD

Happy 20th Anniversary.

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