Introducing Dk. ‘Aqilah Huraiya


Our second child,

We have waited so long for you, when we longed to have a second child but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage. How happy we were when you came along after that.. our sunshine after the darkness.

You were conceived during the fasting month, in a holy month, how blessed we felt then. (I even contemplated inserting Ramadhan somewhere in your name..). Truth be told, I read so many online forums regarding “gender swaying” before conceiving you, hoping for a girl this time. At 20 week ultrasound, when you can usually see the gender, it so happened that your position was hard to determine the gender, so we just left it unknown, another surprise just like your brother was.

Being pregnant with you was a breeze. I had no morning sickness, but maybe I was quite a picky eater with you. I preferred outside food rather than home cooked food, which felt rather bland to me. I drank coffee every morning, something I didn’t do with your brother. I was just so sleepy and needed the caffeine boost! I had no swollen feet and only slightly swollen fingers. Despite frequently waking up during the night to feed your brother, alhamdulillah I had no high BP, nor low BP. I am forever grateful for these blessings, Ya Allah.

Now for your birth story. (TMI, just be warned :P)

At 34 weeks + 5, it was 1 March, and I planned to go to a friend’s children birthday party but cancelled as when I got home, there was some brown blood discharge and coupled with some regular Braxton Hicks (which I normally would ignore) and some regular toilet breaks (which I experienced with Irfan’s pre-labour signs), I told your babah Q and when I said I would wait to see if its regular and painful contractions, he insisted to have it checked anyway.

I ended up warded for the next 2 days.

There was no other signs and due to bedrest, BH also stopped being regular and I was hopeful of being discharged the next day. (At this point, I was already given 2 very painful steroid shots for your lungs and I was extremely bored, not to mention missing your brother n babah at home)

I’m not sure what caused it, but that afternoon, your brother visited and as usual, he was jumping here and there and wanting to snuggle close. The exertion might have triggered the early labour. As by 8pm, your babah was the last to go and by this time, I was timing a contraction every 6 minutes that was painful and lasted 35 seconds. When your babah left at 9.30pm, I told him.. just be ready, it might be another few hours.. I was targeting 8am. Ha ha.

By 10pm I was in agony. No nurses was doing rounds so I went to the nurse station to tell them of my contractions and after getting checked, I was already 2 cm dilated. As I asked for some painkillers, they wanted to transfer me to First Stage Ward, and it was only around 11pm that I was there, however my stay was quite short since I was obviously groaning and rotating my hips around for each contraction, they (again) waited to give me the painkiller shot (as they claimed that it will make me dizzy and I would be better off at the Labour bed if I was already in active labour).

It was 12am when I was in Labour room, getting prepped. Given an IV drip and finally the painkiller shot. Pethadine, if I was not mistaken. But I felt no relief from the contractions and now, stuck on the Labour bed, I was unable to move about to relieve my pain naturally. Rotating my hips and jiggling my leg could take the edge off. I wasn’t given any gas unlike Irfan’s and that was a heaven-sent blessing and one of the reason why my labour experience with Irfan was a happy one. This time, my experience was exasperating – long wait, no pain relief…

Around 2am, as I was restlessly moving to one side, my waters broke with a pop. I called for the nurse and she asked me to start pushing. Huh, what? (Bear in mind, I was last told I was only 4cm at 11pm at First Stage ward..) and now, push?

I did however, and after a few minutes, I could feel a huge relief as I felt the head and in the next contraction, the full body. Whew. No more pain. After a few more minutes of suspense, the nurse finally showed me you, and your gender. A girl!

More waiting as I was getting stitched up, you were getting cleaned. An hour later, the nurse called for your Babah and I can’t get over that look on his face when he saw that everything was done already. A mixture of delight, relief and excitement to meet you. “Its a girl, your baby..” says the nurse. The nurse wanted clothes and a diaper, and until the nurse unwrapped the blanket and he saw your gender for himself, then he believed her. A girl!

He told me later, he really believed baby No.2 was a boy, since you was so active, kicks all the time. Girls can be active too, Babah 😉

Finally..after some time, we were finally moved to a First Class room to rest and enjoy the moment.

Welcome to the world, my daughter. Oh so much we would experience together and learn about each other.

And the next chapter of having two children, of juggling time, of new experiences having a daughter after a son.

We named you Aqilah Huraiya, which means smart and beautiful like an angel. We love you, always and forever.

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