9 Productivity Habits


I have been struggling with checking things off the list. Simple reason? I’m easily distracted!

Just a little peek at that notification ding. Just a quick search on google. What are my friends up to in Instagram? And then, the quick checking adds up to 2 hours lost when I could be doing something productive.

So I’ve started some new habits:

1. To Do Lists and Mind Mapping

My two new exercises to kickstart things. To Do Lists gets the tasks out from your mind onto paper or if you use an app, like me – My fav app on Android is Any.Do and on IOS, its good old Wunderlist 2. I do Mind Mapping on an IOS app called Mindly.

After these two exercises, my mind felt “decluttered” simply because now the tasks are elsewhere, and I don’t have to expend extra effort to remember all of them.

Mindly(Photo from: The Next Web)

2. Set a timer

I now have set myself some time to run through the social media checking / emails / pinterest. And after that I get up and leave the computer table to do something else from the To Do List!

When you set a timer, you tend to be as efficient as possible. You don’t want to know how many tabs I have open during these Social Runs as I call them 😉

3. Multitask

I know some advice to focus on one task at a time – 10-15 minutes of focused work and then break for a few minutes but there are tasks you should combine (multitask!). And they work for me, at least.

For example, while I do some reading / Social Runs, I can also do my pumping (breastmilk pumping, for those not in the know that I’ve recently given birth). So I am feeling relaxed (a good tip for getting lots of bm!) and getting something done at the same time.

4. Get help

Having deadlines sucks, but so does not completing tasks. Get someone to help you whenever possible. No one can do everything. Not even Superman!

Luckily I have family to support me while I am doing some stuff (including while writing this blogpost!). I have decluttered / organized a lot while on my Maternity Leave and I hope that will continue.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOrganized our Calendar with colour coding!

5. Wake up early

This is a no brainer, waking up early gets more things done. I can afford it at the moment as I could get a nap later on, but once Maternity Leave ends, I’ll have to find a workabout solution. Nap during lunchtime, perhaps?

6. Just do it

Sometimes I just keep waiting for the perfect time to do things. Like, how this article advises to do Morning Pages to get your creativity going. Instead, I’ve been doing blocks of text during that day to make up for it.

I also kept putting off decluttering things because I didn’t want to disturb Irfan while he’s napping. So I did it while he’s busy having his breakfast or watching tv! Also, don’t let details bother you too much so it is “perfect”, an imperfect thing done is at least better than nothing done.

7. Use reminders

The visual reminders are the best. Hang wall art that makes you motivated to finish your tasks. My favourite quote at the moment is: Dreams Don’t Work, Unless You Do. Right??

8. Be unavailable

The biggest drain of my time is checking Whatsapp. Just checking and reading through the conversation. I’ve stopped doing it all the time, however once I’ve completed my important tasks and I’ve allocated “breaktime”, I can do the less prioritized ones.

9. Efficient and Effective

Do tasks together and Do it as quickly as you can. Everytime I’m leaving a room to go somewhere, I stop and ask, are there things I can bring so I can save an extra trip? I usually have mugs for the kitchen, clothes for laundry (newborn babies go through so much!) and diapers for the trashcan.

There you go, my 9 Habits that I need to keep practicing! If you’ve made it this far, I have a free To Do List for you to download. It has a blogging section though since I’ve made it for me. I’d love feedback and comments about it tho! If you have any improvements / suggestions feel free to comment here.


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