Finding the Balance and Time for Everything

I love keeping busy – but it leaves no time for blogging! Finding a balance is hard and I’ve been researching online for tools to help me. And then I set to work.

1. Visual Reminder

I’ve put up signs to remind me to do certain things – like “Be Organized”, “Do ONE thing today” and a list of what I should focus on each day.

2. Set an area

An area for my laptop, an area for cutting, an area for sewing and an area for hot glue projects. Whew, this made everything so much easier and I felt so organized!

3. Notebooks

I organized my ideas into tabs in a notebook, and I’m loving that its categorised in a notebook and out of my head. Its liberating not to remember everything !


Hence my current wallpaper to stop me from being so unfocused.


Happy Monday! (Today’s my son Irfan’s birthday! Photos to come later 🙂 )

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