Going back to work

The end of maternity leave. The whole 105 days. I would have thought I’d be prepared,  but sadly no.

I did manage to cross off some things off my to do list:
– blog more
– clean the wardrobe and add storage area
– pack up my maternity clothes
– start Little Qurio, my small creative business venture
– practice photography again
– sew a few things including a baby onesie
– make a few crafty things

However there are things I planned to do but never got around to:
– decluttering so many areas (my dollstuff, area behind door)
– sell some of dollstuff
– go thru boxes for stuff to garage sale

I still feel a little frazzled and not focused since many of the things I need to clean were undone. The path to feeling fresh and organized is definitely a clean home and mind.

So! To do today: Clean my office! Happy Working people 🙂

(Posting this via the app on my Samsung Note II. I hope it looks fine!)

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