100 days of Journaling: 1 week review

Its 9 October today, so its more of less a week since my last post about starting to blog again, and my commitment to 100 days of journaling.


I’ve been showing up every morning and journaled in my red Luxe. So far, its only been 1 page every day, and I preferred to journal on the right page and its harder to write on the left side of the journal (maybe I’m just fussy? I don’t know..). My style of journaling is .. bad, probably more like a teenager’s “dear diary” kind of entries. I have been talking about my dreams, my current “let’s get organised” focus and hence my need to journal because my thoughts are really jumbled up and I needed an outlet so my brain can focus on important things and not remembering the random floating thoughts.


So I wrote a page dedicated to why I’m committing to 100 days of journaling:


  • To journal everyday at least 10 minutes every morning
  • Blog my journey with photos and discoveries/lessons learnt


  • Letting out mental chatter (on to paper) and find inner peace
  • To push myself to blog more
  • To learn about myself again
  • Stop hoarding art supplies and start using them!

I might add to this list whenever I find something else that applies. But writing it out is making me accountable and to really really focus on the outcome of this .. initiative, I guess I would call it. If I didn’t write it down, I’d be lost and fall back to my procrastinating ways 😉

SO A WEEK LATER, what have I learnt?

It gets easier – Journaling can be intimidating, I really hate that white empty blank paper, I’d hate to make some spelling mistake and have a dirty looking entry (yes I’m so fussy sometimes) but I’m learning not to mind so much.. (it helps when you are a mother to two.. there’s so much mess at any given time… and yes, Irfan has doodled in my notebooks… well not in the red Luxe yet!)

Grow with practice – My first entries were really simple and really superficial, nothing deep or profound at all – talking about dreams and daily plans and my struggle on being more organized and doing more planning, all very mundane things, and I hope to grow as I practice more journaling.. that I will someday explore deeper about myself and why I became so internalised, so much mental chatter and made me so bottled up tight 🙁

Feeling positive – I do feel more lighter with less of those floaty thoughts such as “remember to check if there’s enough of Irfan’s formula this week” or “google what are the best ways to express myself through art journaling”. I am a little more talkative too, and less internalizing my observations/thoughts to myself.


I’m happy with my progress in Journaling! Now on to some other related journaling things, I of course had to browse the hashtag #journaling on Instagram (about the same time when I decided to commit to 100 days of journaling) and I discovered the world of stationery, planner love, filofax, midori traveler’s notebook, bullet journaling, DIYFish, Scrapbook/Planner/Project Life subscription kits = all in the same week!! So yes, I’ve had a steep learning curve this week about all this world of planning. WOW! I need time to explore all these options to see which will work for me and keep me organised!


So for now, I’ll continue my Purple Mosaic A5 notebook as my Bullet Journal to plan my days and my Red Luxe as my writing journal as well as my art journal. Unfortunately I’ve started to smashbook in the Mosaic, sticking up quotes found online and decorating with stickers, sticking my Instax photos and what not. I’m not liking the lined pages as I prefer a blank notebook to do the smashbook/scrapbook/art journal in. Maybe I’ll just continue until I find a better set up.


I’ve actually contacted Sam of Happie Scrappie who has a shop regarding a Fauxdori or she call hers, Happiedori .. for me to try and see if this type of planning will work for me. I’m not a big fan of Filofax, I’ve never owned one and although I do love the Kate Spade ones (it has polka dots inside! who doesn’t??), I think I will hate fiddling with the rings and forever punching holes in things to go into the Filofax-type planner. In this regard, I’ve gotten DIYFish’s trial for the month of October in the Midori format. I’ve successfully assembled and stapled them – just today! So I will play with it this week and review hopefully next week or so.


In terms of decorating, I’ve bought the August kit from the Freckled Fawn‘s Oh Deer Me kits as I wanted the large black alphabet letters. I can’t wait to try the kit to see if I will subscribe monthly. I’m also interested in Happie Scrappie’s kit which looks super fun and cute!




I think I’m going on a No Spend anything after this! Stationery as everyone knows is addictive. They just breed like rabbits, there is no such as thing as 1 type of pen, or sticky memo, or washi tape!

So I’m going to stop here for now, will hopefully do another entry next week!

Btw – I can be found as @lisadragon on Instagram 🙂

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