Hello World.


Does anyone read blogs anymore? I’ve contemplated going back to blogging, but like so many things in my life, it needs time of its own to grow, yet its something I loved doing – I just haven’t made time for it lately.

So, maybe mini-posts will scratch the itch for now.

Hello, world. I’m a mom of two, living in Brunei, and I love being creative (or lately, the idea of being creative – since I haven’t crafted anything more than some simple layouts for my art journal..).

I used to be an avid photographer and camera geek, a blogger, collect ball-jointed dolls, experiment with emotive photography and photoshop manipulation but most of my free time goes to reading, movies and internet browsing.

Nowadays, I try to capture life and my kids (daily if possible) on my personal instagram, I run a shop (Instagram and Facebook) and I created a new Instagram account just for my Stationery Love.. I couldn’t think of a new handle for it so I named it september.mess just like this blog. So expect LOTS of stationery rambling after this introduction entry! LOL – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Well, that’s the mini update from me for now. I am busy, but I am blessed. Life is amazing, and I am thankful being on this adventure.

Stay tuned for my next post about how I fell into a rabbit hole that is the Stationery world… 😛 See you soon!

ps: I’m very updated on my Instagram accounts, do follow me there! ^__^

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