My Planner Journey from October til now.

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I wanted to write this post so I can start the ball rolling – as with everything in my life lately, I just need to start and not wait for “perfect conditions” to .. whatever.. to open a shop, to blog, to create a new instagram and start it (or restart, in some cases) but I find that if I just do it and just start, I’d be more motivated to continue because hey.. my foot is in the door already.

So, hello. A blogpost finally about my planning journey. I wrote months back about journaling – so I can get rid of that mental chatter – yes I am proud to say, its less now and thanks to other things that also helps to get rid of those chatter.

I journaled back in October, and I had lots of “dear diary” nonsensical entries, but I showed up, and writing began to feel easier. I can just start writing ¬†and talking nonsense for pages now. The “what I wrote” is less important than that “I wrote it out of my brain” kind of accomplishment.

In my Instagram prowling at the time, I found “midori traveler’s notebook” and I fell into a deep dark hole of no return. I loved it! I made my own planner inserts. My first ever attempt to organize and plan my life – yeah, I never knew how I did my wedding planning without one LOL. ¬†Staple -bound inserts in midori traveler’s notebook system was going great – I was amazed at such a simple but so perfect system..

But leave it to me to wreck it up – what was bullet journaling? How was the Filofax system? I had to try it out and I did. From Dec to Feb, I tried Bullet Journaling – great system although I had a tendency to not do something and I kept recopying it again and again – It may be that the project was complicated or I just didn’t have the resources to do that project – I hated that I copied it again and again.

Finally in February, I tried using a ring binder for planning (even though I received one from Kikki K in January – I had intended it to house my expanding Permanent Lists and not for planning). The saying “the grass is greener on the other side” kept intruding though, so I tried it. I liked the size for planning but maybe I was using the wrong insert – I was using DIYFish Day on 1 Page, and again I did the whole recopying undone tasks or reminders to do stuff like photo challenges.


My set up for Personal Malden


I brought these two all the time, and it got heavy!

March, I changed to a passport mtn, that held a Field Notes sized week on 2 page insert by Marsia Bramucci. The tiny size kept me in focus, I’d write work stuff on the left and home/personal stuff on the right. I had found “format peace” but the small space and no pockets bothered me. So I wanted to upgrade to Personal mtn, a new size that Chic Sparrow was going to offer.


Planning in Field Notes size


Field Notes compared to Personal

But before that happened, my unicorn Filofax, the Holborn arrived and I tried planning in it again. The preprinted DIYFish DO1P leftover from Feb-April pack that I bought from her was already bound as if I’m using a Personal mtn, so I kept my planner in front in stapled version, and the rest – my lists, projects my attempts at GTD system in the rest of punched inserts.



Filofax Holborn in Brown


Inside View

I love the binder but not what was going on as my “system”. So one Friday I sat down and rehauled everything.


This was during the rehauling. I bought project planning inserts from PrettyPurplePlans on Etsy, and it was great to jot on all the projects I wanted to do this year at one glance.

I kept a staple bound FN sized booklet in front of the Holborn for Brain Dumps, and then the sections were Planner, GTD, Reference and Finance. It worked for a while, but I never look at GTD sections and only the Planner and Reference (if I was checking on things I’m waiting for).


Changed to my favourite paper ever… the camera by Amy Tangerine.


My Inserts Peace = Week on 2 Pages with Tasks

And that’s how my system is at the moment. I’m pretty happy – I even managed to reset my shop last week and hope to expand more on the new shop these coming weeks. Love that pretty font on my week view!

I hope that sharing my planner journey might help someone – please don’t despair if you are stuck – just try something else or ask someone how – I’m always inspired by our planner community – very helpful!

Have a great week ahead! xoxo


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