Happy 4th Anniversary, my love..

Its our 4th year! Wow!

Its amazing that I posted an entry just to commemorate our anniversary last year, when I haven’t even touched the blog for months! I think its important to be thankful to our significant others, even if one doesn’t have time for own personal hobbies .. like all the other random things I’m always doing LOL.


On a serious note, I am really sad to hear of relatives or people I know, going for divorce. I know we all can’t possibly imagine their situations and what they are going through, but.. I hope.. for those reading this… please, for everyone in a relationship, cherish and love your partner, everyday!


I read an article by an Ustaz on facebook (please don’t ask me who, I can’t remember now..) but the gist of the story was that, this man was told to choose only one person.. and one by one his family left him. His children, his mother, his sisters, brothers and finally only one left was his wife. And when asked why, he answered, she is the only one I had to choose (when getting married). Aww. Isn’t that true tho?!


To my beloved Q, I chose you too. And I’m thankful everyday for you. Even though we all annoy each other everyday, but we are always, a family. There are good days and there are bad days, but I’m glad we could spend them together, healthy, safe and that we have enough and each other.

To more years, more memories, more babies and  more more adventures together. I love you!

LISA_NIKAH (270) copy

Wedding Photography by Hanisham Salleh 


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