Restart (Moving from Pocket Holborn to Personal Compact Zipped Malden)

Hi guys! My last post was in April, wow that’s been a while. I’ve been MIA due to life being insanely busy! Work traveling, no maid, festive season, family loss, new house, being pregnant again, so many things to occupy my time and mind. I’m feeling its all winding down and I’m getting acclimatize to a schedule without a maid, and with festive season over, observing 40th day event of my mother in law’s passing is also done, did some moving stuff and set up my “craft room” at the new place, so I have some “breathing space”. I’ve just dealt with the whole family getting high fever and bad coughs and I mean all including me (except the high fever). So my poor husband, son and daughter were having a miserable 3 weeks of coughing, flu meds and vomiting. Whew, its mostly over with still some coughing from Irfan, but coughs are generally slow to recover from, he’s doing great otherwise, no more fevers!

I’m writing this post at 3am, after falling asleep early.. had a long day at the new house, sorting washi and inserts, plus I had time to set up or moving from my beloved Pocket Holborn to a Personal sized Zipped Malden. It has compact rings just like the Pocket!


I have been using the Pocket Holborn back in May (ironically after I posted my last post on using my unicorn planner aka Personal Holborn) as it arrived soon after my last post, and bringing both the Pocket and the Personal Holborn was weighing my bag down, and I’m always looking for ways to simplify. The Pocket had replaced my normal wallet, because I loved the idea of having some paper and pen to write with while grocery shopping – sometimes ideas can come out of nowhere! .. and my planner was the Personal Holborn, but to simplify, I had recreated the MO2P and WO2P in Pocket version and started planning in it and never looked back!

My style was more to functional/practical and had no space to decorate. I write appointments for myself and the kiddos, work meetings/events, reminders for car/driving licence/bills etc, family functions/weddings. I mostly use the MO2P to plan for the past 5 months. I stopped using the WO2P in May and I didn’t have much time to spend, it was that bad and I wasn’t motivated to decorate and hence why bother, LOL. Planning using MO2P was sufficient for me in those busy times.

But.. yes ..there’s a “but” coming, now I have some breathing space, I’d like to work on other creative projects and also tackle other plans such as meal planning, moving house, kids activities and even blogging and memory keeping now that I have a craft room to do it in (YAY!)


I sat and looked at my collection. At the moment, I own a black Pocket Holborn, a Personal Zipped Malden in Purple, a Personal Finchley in Orange, my beloved Personal Holborn in Brown and an A5 Kikki K in Lilac for the ring binders. I also keep 2 leather Chic Sparrow Creme Brulee in Dark Chocolate and Black Beauty (both with pockets inside), a lilac x metallic blue Happiedori from HappieScrappie, a fabric Cakedori from CakePaperie in the Days of the Week fabric (love that print!) and other random leather fauxdoris.

Size? Something bigger than a Pocket.
Style? Ring Binder for flexibility

So I chose the next best wallet/planner which is the Personal Zipped Malden, which I never got to use as my budget planner. Love that it has compact rings just like the Pocket, they don’t get in the way of writing! The gusseted wallet part has even more card slots than the Pocket Holborn! So win all around.

I haven’t printed MO2P inserts yet, and transfered my money and cards into the Personal Malden, but that’s in this week’s to do list. I have another big project to tackle, aka deciding on a planner big enough to plan everything in my life. Wish me luck!

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