Wallet and Planner Setup: Filofax Personal Zipped Compact Malden

I wanted to do a setup post to chronicle what I’ve done at this point in my life. Where I need to simplify and carry less stuff. Thus, with that mindset, I started using a wallet/planner combo with my Filofax Pocket Holborn. And this time, I’ll be using a Filofax Personal Zipped Compact Malden as I needed more space than before. I’ve briefly written about my moving and why in a previous post, so feel free to read that first 🙂


After moving in, printing MO2P inserts, adding my cards, and other accessories, I am ready to plan and use this as my wallet! Above is the first thing I see whenever I open this beauty. I am obsessed with this gorgeous camera print by Amy Tangerine. I added a custom magnetic bookmark by CraftedVan on Etsy to pretty it up even more. LOVE this view! (And that’s important to be in a happy mood as I’m more motivated to plan/look at it and get things done!)


Just added this photo to show the wallet part. Its just perfect 🙂 All my cards fit in the many many slots, unlike my Pocket Holborn which had only 3 cardslots and I kept the rest in the pocket behind those 3 cardslots and it became bulky.

Above gallery shows my “dashboard”, year overview and monthly overview. Immediately after my camera paper, the first thing to  see is this spread full of sticky notes. This is my “dashboard”, where I just dump every little thoughts, to dos, lists and even more lists. I am doing this GTD style, and this is equivalent to the “Inbox” in GTD terminology. So whatever is in my Inbox will be processed later or kept there to remind me to do something about these, where to follow up, check up.. especially my “Waiting for” list, items I’ve purchased online.

Next is my Year Overview insert purchased from Pretty Purple Plans, which is where I do rough planning of projects/events/upcoming bills etc. Following it, my Monthly Overviews for September and October. (Find these on my shop!) I mark my weeks (of pregnancy), birthdays, events, public holidays and also things that happened/going to happen of importance.

For detailed planning, I use weekly spread, I designed a new layout this time (click here for the free printable), instead of using horizontal week (like below), I made a vertical week with a space for Notes. I couldn’t fit my weekly tasks, but as of now, I haven’t joined any Instagram / ListersGottaList challenges yet that I need to check off daily, so I don’t need it yet.

I’m a list person, so the vertical view works perfectly! I’m contemplating on adding some space to jot down memories to get me into the habit of memory keeping – once my large 8 x 10 planner arrives, I’ll have space to do that, because in 2016, I’m already making plans to create our family photo albums .. its never too late, right?


(Available on my shop)

My tabs are currently from tabbed sticky notes, and they are labelled “Lists”, “Reminder” and “Projects”.  Under Lists, I’ve started all sorts of Lists… such as Planner Wishlist, which includes things like Washi (specific ones like the sentiments TODAY IS YOUR DAY .. and the teal Freckled Fawn sentiments washi), ABeautifulMess icon stamps and various acrylic stamps from MommyLhey, Sweet Stamp Shop, Atelier Dreams to name a few. Under Reminder, I use this to prompt me when preparing a new Month or a new Week… and include reminders such as Public Holidays/Maintenance items, different days of the week has a different activity such as Monday for BlogPost, Friday for BlogPost photos/prep, Sunday for Planning/Review session etc.  I haven’t done anything under Projects, instead I’ve been using a blank notebook to scribble all my project ideas.


Another list. Using it to list out Furniture, Appliances and Decor for the new house 🙂 (I’m using HappieScrappie stickers for the headers.. Love them!)


Last but not least, the back – which has the Notes sticky from Target, and smaller shaped sticky notes stuck on my plastic accessory. You can see the stickers from Happie Scrappie kits, which fits nicely in the pocket. Love! Everytime I have an idea I need to document, I turn to the back and jot it down and stick it to my “Dashboard”.

How is it so far?

I love this thing! I can put my phone in the back outside pocket, I can keep my cash and cards and also plan and check my plan for the day/week/month/year at the same time and also have paper to write lists, sticky notes to braindump ideas/to dos .. so nothing will be forgotten ( hopefully!). I used to have an aversion to long wallets (I’m not a girly girl since young, and I have never used a long wallet, so this was quite a big change for me. The fact that it had rings were the one that sold it, so I’m happy I tried it out!)

I feel productive using this setup and I can see myself using this for a long time. My only regret is that the small space in the weekly spread doesn’t allow me to jot down memories of the day. I may experiment with a different weekly layout with longer columns or add a section of a week at a time only for memory keeping.

So that’s all for my current wallet/planner setup. I have another planner coming, I can’t wait to set it up as my “life planner”. I don’t know if I can handle planning with 2 different planners, it may just be too much work to handle, but like other things in life, I’m just going to try it out before I know for sure 😉 If you don’t try it, you won’t know if you like it or not, right! 🙂

For those using multiple planners, do share how do you do it? I’d love tips so I won’t get overwhelmed!

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