Life Updates

I disappeared again, didn’t I? LOL. Lots of things happened, I just didn’t have time to blog, even though I really wanted to!

One day I had to tell myself, life was starting to be ok now. Let’s fill up those  hours with crafting and things I’ve been putting off during the busy times! And the downside is, I didn’t have time for documenting those activities / happenings. Sigh, such is life.

I designed a new logo for SeptemberMess .. I am ever inspired by the galaxy (and of course, because its purple!) and I picked a cloud since I’m always doodling cloud shapes (besides the usual heart shapes). I like it! Hopefully it represents me and my brand well. Next, I made galaxy-themed inserts for my new project = consolidating everything into an all-in-one info center. Because, I need everything off my brain and onto paper, so I can feel less burdened by ideas, things to remember, things to do, books/movies I want, passwords, wishlists etc etc that I don’t need to carry in my brain all the time!!


Here is the start of that .. and this is what I wrote on my Instagram post: “Using my new galaxy inserts to write a “mission statement”. I want to focus on meaningful projects, i want to use my time better, i want to be productive, i want to make time for creative fun (no more “i wish I have time for playing with watercolouring..”) so this is my all in 1 “info center” and i have my zip malden as my wallet+planner combo and both can be taken with me anywhere. These two are my brain on paper. I feel so free and my brain feels clearer. No more “i need to remember this” or remembering my plans/ideas for my album projects that only will happen next year and not now. Awesome! Try it! “

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I received my September Monster HappieScrappie kit and decorated my Info Center binder with it. Loving all the monsters! <3 I will do a detailed post on this binder soon but here’s the first thing I see whenever I open this, cute right! My must have camera decor, flower clips I made, and dashboard by HappieScrappie ..

Captured some great memories with the family over these 2 weeks. Felt sad over the fact that we missed out our trip to England to catch Australia vs Wales rugby game. But its alright, Australia won! Hehe – I’m biased due to my study years in Australia, LOL.

Made some time for crafting and playing with colours too. I got Distress Stains, some markers and also Dylusion Sprays. Love playing with these colours! I need more in blue and lighter / pastel colours. Also played with watercolours for the galaxy effect .. need more practice .. they don’t look anything like galaxies to me at the moment lol! Distress Stains are perfect for adding quick blobs of colour.

The thing about these colours, I have to find great paper too. I’m waiting for my A6 journal to start my daily journal again. My PaperLuxe journal will not take these distress stains well so I’ve stopped using it. The A6 journal will be in the form of a Midori MD Notebook (the only downside is that its a little on the yellow tint paper instead of bright white – like the Hobonichi Techo. So tempted to get a Hobonichi because of that!)

Also managed to work on designs for my Printable shop on Etsy. I’d love to know what style you prefer to plan with! Let me know in the comments 🙂


This picture is just showing my newest addition – yes, I collect Hotwheels too! But only Camara / Mustang / Challenger cars.. and some other random American Muscle Cars. My collection is tiny compared to the husband’s – we are waiting for the kids to grow up so we can display it on the whole wall! Hee hee.


I end this “Life Updates” post with a Life Hack tip I learnt from my Dad (and apparently my Uncle and cousins do it too in a slightly different way!). He gave this advice when I was much younger to appreciate it, but I find it useful now! So, don’t you always hate it when you’re driving, you’ll be struck by a brilliant idea.. or something you wanted to remember to do but you can’t .. as you’re driving. So, stick a piece of card and repeat it for a bit and once you’re parked, immediately write it down! I have a section right in front of my wallet/planner full of sticky notes that reflects this. I’m glad all my ideas/tasks are saved! They range from the mundane like “buy tissue” to “find cheapest price for Distress Stains”. So don’t lose your ideas anymore, keep a card and sticky notes in your car!

Catch you next time for more details on my Information Center binder, stay tuned!

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