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I’m still working on my Info Center filofax post .. really sorry for the delay ^_^; I’m thinking posts will be very random until we settle down.

Life has been hectic, and despite living between my parents’, Q’s ย and the new Government rental house, I managed to do projects (or rather start projects but sadly still unfinished..). Alhamdulillah, a light is shining at the end of the corridor (forgive my dramaticness! but OMG I’m super grateful ..) This week on the 11 November 2015, we were given the chance to draw the lot number for a semi detached house in Perumahan Kg Panchor, Mentiri.


Excited doesn’t even cover it, we are beyond excited! Our own house and a permanent place to settle down, finally. Finally. I can’t even tell you how confused my brain is in remembering where our things are.. is that tshirt at my parent’s or Q’s or the rental house? Things like papers, I have to check the office, or in my car or Q’s car. So yes, I get very very stressed about looking for/remembering about things haha. If I seem preoccupied, this is why.

On top of this, I have work stuff, prenatal appointments, I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes so I have to manage my food intake closely, and my Dr told me to be less active, no long distance walking, climbing stairs, lifting etc, housework.. however I have no maid so I can’t not do stuff. Just tawakkal that Baby #3 will not be premature again just like Baby #1 and Baby #2 ๐Ÿ˜›

Creatively, I haven’t played with my art journal in a while because I have so many loose ends, I can’t be creative. I have shop stuff, washi stuff, Q’s docs to be scanned, work stuff of course. I can’t wait til the dust settles so I have time for me, and not just for my other hats I have to wear – being a working officer, a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter.. but me ๐Ÿ™‚

tumblr_nxr663tJ4i1qmfutvo1_1280 tumblr_nrxfnqG9it1qmfutvo1_1280

So not to be so rambly, I wanted to end this mini update with a link to a Bruneian blogger. He’s so creative! I once wanted to make a chart of kueh in Brunei but he executed it better! Above is just a preview of what he did. So visit his blog now to see the bigger pic!ย

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