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Hello blog! Long time no see 😛

I’m trying to get back into the groove of blogging and I’ll address what I’ve been up to in a separate post.

Today’s post is the first of my Freebie Friday series, because giving back makes me happy. I’ve been in the planning world for more than 2 years now, and I’ve experimented and tried out different tools and formats to help me plan. Some worked, some didn’t.

But currently I’m testing this particular tool called Block Scheduling. I’ve heard about this tool in my first year in my journey of planning, but I couldn’t get it to work. Earlier this year, I tried it again, but a few factors made it hard.

  1. I just had a newborn
  2. I had no maid

These two factors has a big impact when you’re using Block Scheduling – essentially because you need to get into a routine. A newborn doesn’t have a routine whatsoever, so no matter how much I tried to schedule things, I have to scrap them and attend to the baby. Secondly, although its not a must to have a maid, having 3 kids all under 5 years old requires more than 1 pair of hands, on top of the daily household chores that needs to be done, so there was no point if my Block Scheduling looks like polka dots of tiny small tasks that a maid has to multitask everyday to get things done.

Finally the day is here, my newborn is now almost 9 months. Where did the time go? We also have a maid since June (fasting time), so I was able to work slowly towards having a “proper” schedule. img_20160926_113751

So the way you use this is that you block chunks of your time doing a particular thing. 1 hour for blog, 1 hour for craft, 1 hour for lunch, 1 hour for school run..  so that you will know when you are available / not available. Let’s just go into my schedule ..

My schedule starts 6am or earlier, this is the only way I get quiet time without the kids interrupting. I usually continue my designing from the night before, or I get up, make coffee and do some journaling or planning. When commuting, if I was carpooling with the husband, I’ll take out my Brainstorm notebook, and continue putting ideas into existing categories that I already set up. As I only have a short time, I use this time for brainstorming and planning the content creation that I will do later when I have more than 2 hours to work with.

On weekdays, work start from 7.45 til 4.30 pm, so I’ve blocked that, with a lunch hour in between. After work, I’ve blocked an hour for some “me time”. I’ve experimented with this, I tried journaling, some Project Life crafting, brush lettering and it fits just nicely, and then its time for Maghrib, dinner and family time. I dont usually watch TV so I accompany the kids playing and training Aydin to crawl around and learn to sit etc.

Then from 8+ til 10+ will be my major content creation time. This is mostly designing, so I open up my Silhouette or Photoshop and work in those two. Since I’m in my room, kids do interrupt here and there. Sometimes I do go to the other house (in front of my parent’s house) to work and usually that’s when I do print test and cut test as my machines are there.

By 11-12am, its time for sleep and usually earlier for Aydin.

So that’s my schedule for now. I’m only been experimenting with this for a week (no block schedule) and then a few days into using the block schedule. So far my days stay true. Only Fridays and Sundays are variables and I’ve kept it mostly free so those are my relax days.

Another thing to note here:

  1. I do not yet have school runs, so when those happens I will be changing this schedule to accomodate that
  2. I have set a particular activity for each day eg: blogging, business, brush lettering, youtube, etc so on that day I will work on that activity.

This is something I came up with to solve the fact that I have so many things I want to experiment with, but do not have time, because I did not make the time. So now, I’m making time.. I make sure that one that day I will do that activity.. and this solves the question of: Okay, so I have some me time, what do I do now?

At the bottom of my table, there is 2 rows titled Personal and Business. My Personal one has activities like brush lettering, watercolours, project life, journal, crafting (ie. a day for cutting, making dividers, gluing etc) and so on. For Business, I have blogging, youtube, facebook, instagram.. etc.. So it really helps when I have free time and feeling lost what should I do next? I look at my schedule and get refocused back. And look at my brainstorm lists and ideas – pick one and start working on that!

So this is the end of my post, and if you’re here for the Freebie, click here! a5-block-sche

Thanks and do let me know if you need clarification on something! Good luck!



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