Is Blogging Dead?

For me, I don’t really read blogs that often. Even though I will get suggestions or a few blogs that I had followed last year had posted some new entries, I tend to ignore the notifications.

Its only when I have a need to find out information – how to do something, or a recipe, or a list of links to other resources that I actively search and read blogs.

Otherwise, I’d rather spend my time on Instagram or Facebook groups. Facebook Groups are my second go to for asking for information if I couldn’t find anything on my research first. As you can see, social media has been so accessible and so easy to use and find information that it becomes second nature to check them first for information.

But here I am, working on my blogpost, and I was only wondering why that is.

Let’s go back to the first reason why I wanted to blog. And that is to archive my entries, to keep as my online diary, much like what I’m doing offline with my journals. Here though, I can search them, re read them and look at photos or graphics I created and words I’ve written and it all comes flooding back. And I think that is why others still blog, still write entries for their blog or articles for an online magazine.

When I need the information, when I do a search for something I want to know, I will find it in a blogpost. Not an Instagram photo, not in Facebook Group entry, but in an article, in an entry.

I hope these resources will not stop, and I will not stop sharing what I want. And I’m planning to share much of my life, maybe someone out there will get inspired, or just having someone to relate to just makes us feel less alone in this world. That is all.

Thanks for reading!

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