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Hello and greetings. I’m Lisa, a 30+ yr old, petite (5″1), Malay, Muslim living in Brunei Darussalam. I’m married to a very patient and loving man, Qadir and we have three kiddos together, Irfan, Aqilah and Aydin {Read about our family here}

Why I blog?

I am an introvert and is a quiet person normally, at least about personal things. I have a lot of mental chatter though, and blogging lets me sort it out and at the same time archiving / documenting our memories / projects online.

I started blogging in 2002 on my first domain, “”. Back then, hosting was quite confusing and after a year of trial and error, I finally settled with having a reseller hosting account.

I had many domains after that, but only “” remained active through it all.,,,,, also a family domain “”, I never had time to work on, as well as one for rugby, “” which I was hoping to launch and let someone else take over, unfortunately I had no time for it too 🙁

Finally, I decided to keep 3 types of blogs – a photoblog, a professional one and a personal one where I can put random nonsensical stuff and anything I wanted. However, it took too much work, so I started over with a new combined blog of EVERYTHING.

Hence, “” was born. “septembermess” is a combination of my birthmonth and the “mess” of topics I want to write about, including:

  • Living in Brunei Darussalam
  • Photography
  • Our lifestyle
  • Our kids
  • Pregnancy and Mommahood
  • My attempts at writing and being crafty
  • Geeking out over gadgets, camera stuff etc
  • My newfound love for Planners, planning, journals and Stationery in general..

So thanks for dropping by, and please enjoy reading the blog! I can be contacted via septembermess at or just comment 🙂

I can also be found at:

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