One Ring

Playing with the Oly + cmount lens again. Its a little soft because I’m impatient and focusing manually takes a while and a still subject and/or a steady hand/arm, since you are rocking back and forth to get the subject sharper and not rotating the lens ring. Earlier this month I was contemplating on gettingRead more

Just another adventure: Freshco!

We had a free Sunday and visited the newly renovated shopping outlets, FreshCo in Batu Satu. The area has a lot of interesting shops that caters for kids as well as adults, including: supermarket FreshCo located in the basement coffee outlets Le Kaffa, Gloria Jeans Cafe restaurants All Seasons, Warong Penyet various food &beverages AuntieRead more

Hello world!

  Assalamualaikum.  My name is Lisa and I hail from Brunei Darussalam, of sunny South East Asia. Welcome to, a blog where I will continue where (my beloved first domain) was supposed to be for. My passions are many! Amongst them, being an Internet-collector,  Wordpress theme obsessed, Photography and Photo editing and ofRead more