34/365 Hoholiday!

Our first day of leave spent with this little boy, he’s so delighted we’re both home ๐Ÿ˜‰ He’s learning many words nowadays. So much funtimes! He’s so dramatic too! I was wrong about this lens, it does swirly bokeh beautifully too! hee hee. My favourite of all due to the smooth focusing lens. Fujian 35mmRead more

31/365 Parenting

Parenting for everyone is different and I am experimenting. Telling your toddler no doesn’t work and I wanted to see if punishment will deter him for hitting me. If it was just me – Its ok, but I am concerned if he’d hit his little brother or sister coming soon if he doesn’t start behavingRead more

24/365 Just another Friday

.. or so I thought. I’ve been drinking milk to boost my calcium, on top of that remember to take my iron tablets but after 2 hours of consuming any tea/coffee drinks. I think I’ve eaten something wrong somewhere but my Friday was anything but normal. But life goes on though. So, as the afternoonRead more

18/365 Swirly

Late last year I was contemplating a new camera, a compact point-and-shoot with good enough aperture and zoom to be an all-rounder – family functions, travel, artsy bokeh pics and zooming on faraway objects. I saw the Panasonic Lumix LX7 with f1.4. And then the Samsung EX2F, also f1.4. And then, fellow BFFs (that’s shortRead more

8/365 The 20th Anniversary

Every 8 January, I wish my Maktab Sains schoolmates Happy Anniversary. I don’t remember what triggered it. Perhaps I came across our Yearbook and read an article about our first day of Orientation on that date. I certainly didn’t remember it in the beggining. Only in the last 5 years, maybe? Because I know IRead more

1/365 Happy New Year Lunch

Outside Anekarasa, Kiulap For 1/1 this time we had lunch with my family, as last year we had a pool bouncer at husband’s ๐Ÿ™‚ When choosing the photo of the day, I went “awkward body pose” and “meh, should’ve taken more photos”. And then I figured, this is the reality of us, and I remindRead more

One Ring

Playing with the Oly + cmount lens again. Its a little soft because I’m impatient and focusing manually takes a while and a still subject and/or a steady hand/arm, since you are rocking back and forth to get the subject sharper and not rotating the lens ring. Earlier this month I was contemplating on gettingRead more